alguna vez se grabó & nunca se publicó…

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20 dias deslizando

rick wilhite – can you feel me? [stilove4music]
cassy – idle blues [cassy]
barbo – barbi in love (solomun remix) [buzzin’ fly]
melchior productions ltd. – out there [perlon]
omar s – psychotic photosynthesis [fxhe music]
markus fix – house in the house [llfo]
francois k – road of life (quiet village remix) [deep vibes]
jimpster – dangly panther [freerange]
ron trent & chez damier – space riddims [music man]
cabanne – can’t stand (edit) [7th city]
canvas – the cat [rebelone]
raz ohara – whitmey na (vocal mix) [kindisch]
ricardo villalobos – que belle epoque [frisbee tracks]

seleccionado & mezclado por dano. para musicatosis
17 de septiembre de 2008

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12 comentarios to “homenaje.al.teflon”

  1. weedbrother Says:

    dani, que finura de música, como siempre! exquisita selección.

    Me gustó mucho, un abrazo!

  2. sombrerero Says:

    grazie amico 🙂

  3. teleost Says:

    this looks brilliant – i’m downloading it now!

  4. sombrerero Says:

    hope you enjoy teleost, since i’ve had my fair share of entertainment with your blog and the treats you post 🙂

  5. teleost Says:

    there are some wonderful tracks in the mix, especially the first two. and i’m always really pleased to hear a chez&trent track i haven’t heard before (which is still far too many). i heard that raz ohara a while back in a mark-henning mix so it’s nice to finally know what it is. and then que belle epoque…no messing around at the end. classic.

    i actually thought some of the mixes were almost *too* long, but that’s probably just the mood i’m in. i’d definitely enjoy this at a party 🙂

  6. sombrerero Says:

    glad to hear you enjoyed it… first and last tracks are very special for me, and that chez-n-trent track has moved every set of feet i’ve seen while playing out.

    as for the long transitions, i always aim for them when recording demos/listening material. since i basically listen to sets while working on the computer, i intend to make them slow and subtle so they provide a good background without taking away your concentration 🙂

  7. teleost Says:

    that’s alright. i like long mixes too, but i think sometimes even when i’m working i like to be distracted sometimes by surprises 😉

    i still can’t quite get over that rick wilhite track. it’s so crazy! i bought the godson soul edge ep part 2 recently and that’s wonderful too, if a bit more mellow. stilove4music is a brilliant label all round.

  8. sombrerero Says:

    haha, fair play.

    i didn’t know that album until you posted about it, and it went to my discogs wantlist with the first samples i heard. shame it’s almost impossible to get records over here, there’s not a single shop in the whole country.

  9. teleost Says:

    seriously? that’s rubbish. although i guess it might make you more discerning on a record-by-record basis…here it’s too easy to spend lots on stuff i don’t really need that much.
    still, that really is rubbish.

  10. sombrerero Says:

    rubish indeed…

    i guess you could say i spend alot of time in the selection process. however, while trying to be as accurate as possible when picking records, i still make my fair share of mistakes. (as every record collector in every location)

  11. orgilepsaila Says:

    mero set, meacaba de acompañar una tardecita de trabajo.

    un abrazo


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