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diciembre 11, 2008

magic juan

“negro music has touched america because it is the melody of the soul with the rhythm of the machine. it is in two-part time: tears in the heart; movement of legs, torso, arms and head. the music of an era of construction: innovating. it floods the body and heart; it floods the usa and it floods the world. hence, everything in our auditory habits changes. psycho-physiologically it is so powerful, so irresistible that it has torn us from the passivity of listening and has made us dance or gesticulate, participate. it has opened the cycle of sound of modern times, turned the page on the conservatories. new cadences, new cries, unknown groups of sounds, an exuberance, a flood, a vertiginous intensity… launched by the negroes, it is american music, containing the past and the present, africa and pre-machine age europe and contemporary america.”
– le corbusier, when the cathedrals were white, 1947

si bien el texto se escribía en referencia a los sonidos emergentes de louis armstrong, no se puede evitar pensar en las etapas primerizas de lo que hoy llamamos “disco”, “house” o “techno”.

que pasa 60 años después? luego de detroit, chicago, hardy, atkins, el belleville trio, lil’ louis, drexciya y armando.. como vemos el panorama?